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Houston Surveyors with Experience
Two decades ago, Waterloo Surveyors, LLC began as a land surveying firm dedicated to serving the state of Texas and beyond with our extensive knowledge and background. To this day, our team offers premiere surveying services to clients throughout our regional location in Houston.



When choosing a surveyor for your Houston area business, reputation and experience matter. That’s why Waterloo Surveyors is proud to have a team with more than a century of combined experience. Our wide range of services and deep understanding of the industry makes us a top-tier choice for Houston area clients looking for quality, honesty, integrity, and accuracy for their surveying needs. 

Our services range from residential to commerical and include land, design, and construction surveying. In addition, we offer services like drone services, aerial mapping, and more. No matter what kind of surveyor your business needs, Waterloo Surveyors’ Houston branch is committed to offering quality services rooted in experience with the goal of total customer satisfaction at the forefront. At Waterloo, we aim to provide reliable and accurate surveying punctually and on budget.


Houston Land Surveyors with Texas Roots

Waterloo Surveyors is Texas-born and bred, meaning we understand and appreciate the various industries throughout our state that make it a wonderful place to live and work. Our Houston office is strategically located to cover all of the city and its surrounding areas. 

Our team is not only local to Houston but also can travel as needed to accommodate the needs of our clients. With locations in both North and South Austin as well as Houston, we are thoughtfully located to be able to dispatch crews and provide services from Austin, to San Antonio, to Houston, and all across the state.

So, whether you’re located in the heart of Houston or far out in one of the city’s many suburbs, Waterloo Surveyors is happy to provide full-service land surveyors, property surveyors, or energy surveyors for your residential or commercial needs.

Our Houston Area Services

Throughout Houston and the surrounding areas, Waterloo Surveyors offers an extensive range of surveying services. Our team is highly experienced in both residential and commercial construction as well as title surveying for both residences and businesses, including ALTA title projects. In addition, our crews are adept at land and subdivision development, easement creation and vacation, and floodplain determination.

Our Houston area offerings have been uniquely crafted around the surveying needs of clients in the city’s booming residential, commercial, infrastructure, energy, and land and property industries.

Waterloo Surveyors can fill the needs in primary phases of the following:

Land Surveying

Whether your land covers a large amount of acreage or not, our team of Houston land surveyors can help verify property lines with swiftness and accuracy.

Design Surveying

When working on any project, a proper design survey is vital for engineers to do their job most effectively. Waterloo Surveyors’ Houston design surveyors approach each project with skill to ensure reliability and detail.

Construction Surveying

With decades in the business, Waterloo Surveyors knows that construction surveying takes many forms, and our Houston crews are experienced in them all. From helping to establish standards for your upcoming project to performing as-built surveys, our team promises dependable and precise work.

Additional Services 

At Waterloo Surveyors, we are proud to offer extra services to help our clients achieve their project goals. With new technologies, we are able to provide drone services and aerial mapping, both of which can be helpful additions for any project.

If you’re unsure which service is right for you, our team is happy to provide a quote and go over the typical flow of surveys from start to finish to help clients better understand the process and make the right choice for their needs..

Surveying Throughout Houston and Beyond

When Waterloo Surveyors began 20 years ago in Austin, TX, our goal was to support clients both locally and throughout all of the great state of Texas. Over time, we achieved our goal by opening up a second location in Austin and a third in Houston. From our regional base in Houston, we can offer our residential and commercial surveying throughout the city and its suburbs.

Proud to Serve Houston Area Counties  

Houston itself spans nearly 700 square miles, and Waterloo Surveyors has you covered throughout every inch of the city. Our team is also happy to serve the surrounding areas beyond the city limits, offering coverage in Houston area counties such as:

  • Harris

  • Montgomery

  • Polk, Washington

  • Fort Bend

  • Liberty

  • Walker

  • Trinity

  • Fayette

  • Colorado

  • Brazoria

  • Galveston 

No matter where you need a land or property surveyor throughout Houston or its suburbs, Waterloo’s experts are available to offer accurate, fair, and effective service.

Experienced Surveyors in Houston Area Cities

The team at Waterloo Surveyors offers residential and commercial land, property, and energy surveying in cities throughout the Houston area, including, but not limited to:

  • Houston

  • Katy

  • Fulshear

  • Conroe

  • Huntsville

  • Willis

  • The Woodlands

  • Sealy

  • Bastrop

  • Schulenberg

  • Livingston

  • Waller

  • Navasota

  • College Station

  • Clear Lake

  • Galveston

Our Houston land surveyors are eager to serve all of Houston’s surrounding areas, bringing our wide range of expertise to clients wherever they do business.

Our Houston Area Clients  

At Waterloo Surveyors, we are proud of our established reputation as one of Texas’s leading survey providers. Much of our client base is comprised of repeat customers, proving that we have successfully achieved our goal of paying keen attention to detail and providing elite customer service.

Our Houston area clients are no exception. We have been privileged to be the go-to land surveyor, property surveyor, and energy surveyor for a variety of Houston’s top businesses. Our services are valued across various industries, including: 

  • Residential Real Estate - Title Companies, Custom and Production Home Builders, Individual Homeowners

  • Commericial Real Estate - Architects, Multi-Housing Developers, Land Developers

  • Civil Construction - Engineering Firms, City & Government Planning Agencies

  • Energy - Energy Producers (Solar, Wind, Oil & Gas)

For Houston-based businesses, Waterloo Surveyors can help streamline the process of residential or commercial surveying. Contact us to request a quote. Our Houston area team is ready to handle all of your survey needs.