What is a Residential Survey?  Home title surveys are a survey of real property by a licensed surveyor. Title company require these surveys to close real estate transactions and insure the title to the property. These surveys are typically required for real estate transactions, and include a boundary, improvements, and easements. Click on the red or blue buttons below for more a more detailed description of the different survey types.

Austin and Houston Residential Surveyors

Completing a residential land survey requires more than just the ability to give property owners an idea about their land — it requires a unique blend of experience, technology, science, mathematics, and more. Waterloo Surveyors' Austin and Houston surveyors offer reliable services to residential clients, no matter their property or house size.

Our residential surveys ensure that clients, be they buyers, sellers, title insurance providers, or lenders, know the complete picture of the property. Residential surveys from Waterloo Surveyors include details such as property area, boundaries, notable topography, flood zones, and any important flaws or problems related to the land. Our Austin and Houston survey crews are dedicated to achieving the highest standard of service. They aim to provide the most comprehensive surveys and are knowledgeable in all areas of land surveying.

What is Surveying?

A land survey is one of the most important factors in residential real estate. A survey is a detailed documentation of a property that features all of the details of the land, property lines, and features. Essentially, a land survey is to a property as a blueprint is to a house. Every survey will be as unique as the land itself.

Surveys are often requirements in the residential real estate process for both commercial and residential projects. Surveys must be executed by trained and experienced land surveyors in order to avoid any issues.

What is a Residential Survey?

Residential surveys are a type of survey usually used for homes. Title companies often require surveys before residential real estate transactions can be closed and prior to insuring property titles. Residential land surveys include detailed property measurements, boundaries, improvements, structures, and easements. There are a variety of different survey types, but those used for residential properties are helpful for the buyer, seller, lender, agent, and other involved parties.

Having the most precise survey possible is essential when dealing with residential homes because property surveys provide extremely important information regarding the property. A well-done survey means that everyone will be accurately informed about what exactly is included in the transaction. To ensure the best possible experience, find a knowledgeable residential land surveyor in your area.

Our Residential Surveying Services

There are many moments throughout home ownership that warrant a residential survey. For example, if you are putting in a new fence, you'll need a survey that shows where your property lines and easements are located. If you are platting or replatting, you'll need a current survey to help guide the project to stay compliant with local regulations. If you are purchasing flood insurance, you'll need to have a flood zone elevation certificate.

No matter what requirement your survey must meet, Waterloo Surveyors' residential survey professionals are here to help. Our team has been highly trained and has unparalleled experience in the field, making us the go-to surveyor for many of Texas' top businesses and real estate professionals. Waterloo Surveyors is committed to answering client questions in detail, offering accurate and detailed surveys, and providing quality results — all at a price that fits within your budget.

Our Austin and Houston surveyors are trained in all types of surveys, so whether you need a simple boundary survey or a fully detailed property survey, we're available to meet your residential survey needs. We have been in business for two decades, meaning our team of surveyors is more than capable of completing residential surveys for all types and sizes of properties.

Boundary Surveys

When buying or selling land, lenders will generally require a boundary survey and plat from a licensed surveyor. Boundary surveys do just that - help establish a property's boundary lines. For boundary surveys, Waterloo Surveyors will determine the property corners and create a detailed plat using a combination of on-site measurements, field research, and utilization of public records.

Floodplain Elevation Certificates

Every property owner should know if their land is located in a floodplain. Elevation certificates are important for helping to establish a property's location, lowest elevation point, and flood zone if the property is located in one. Floodplain elevation certificates are required by flood insurance providers for coverage and determining rates.

Title Surveys

Regardless of where in Texas your property is located, a title survey is often required for real estate transactions. Title surveys are detailed maps that depict the mathematical and physical features of a property in relation to map lines, deeds of record, and other important reference material. Title surveys must be based on actual field surveys and conducted by licensed land surveyors registered in the state of Texas.

The residential services listed here are just a glimpse of the wide range of surveys that Waterloo Surveyors offers. We are also experienced with additional surveys for residential clients, including:

•    Boundary Surveys
•    As-Built Surveys
•    Title Surveys
•    Elevation Certificates
•    Topographic Surveys
•    Tree Location Surveys
•    Construction Staking
•    Form Surveys
•    Site Plans
•    Subdividing
•    PLAT Preparation
•    Fence Line Staking
•    Field Notes
•    Easement Dedication

Waterloo Surveyors - Austin and Houston Residential Surveyors

At Waterloo Surveyors, we understand how important a precise and on-time survey is to the home buying, selling, and owning process. Residential clients need to know that the surveyors conducting their survey have knowledge in their field, aim to focus on direct and honest communication, and have keen attention to detail.

Our team has a century of combined experience, giving us the necessary expertise needed to provide all of that and more for our residential clients. Regardless of your property size, our Austin and Houston residential surveyors are eager to help.

At Waterloo Surveyors, we go beyond just getting the job done. Our goal is to provide our residential clients with the wide range of surveying services they need, as well as the local touch and high level of customer service they want.