Health and Safety
Setting the Standard on Your Job Site 

At Waterloo Surveyors, LLC. we recognize the importance of safe operations. We always want our employees and customers to know that when we are hired to provide a service that it will be done safely and efficiently. We will continue to instill our safety principles so that it is second nature for our team to identify hazards, recognize risk, know workplace safety is core value and to continue to have a zero-incident mentality.


Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) excellence are all core values at Waterloo Surveyors, LLC.. A fundamental goal of Waterloo Surveyors, LLC. is for our employees to arrive at work and return home safely, so we emphasize a positive and proactive safety culture and enforce Waterloo Surveyors, LLC.’s policies and standard operating procedures in all areas of our operations.

A few of the measures we proactively take to achieve and sustain a secure work environment free from recognized hazards include the following:

Background Checks
Behavioral Based Safety Techniques
Drug/Alcohol Screening
Instilling a moral obligation of HSE Awareness
Risk Assessments Daily

To maintain our fundamental approach to safety success, Waterloo Surveyors, LLC. conducts all OSHA and industry required safety training in house by our Operations Manager. The topics covered in the initial safety orientation for an employee are listed below:

Back Safety
Emergency Action Plans
Employee Wellness
First Aid/Emergency Response
Health Hazards
Material Handling
Medical Records
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Signs/Tags
Work Zones & Flaggers

Any additional training required by the customer we will utilize their company specific training or third-party accredited companies.