What are Civil Construction Surveys? Civil Construction Surveys are used to plan, build, and maintain all civil engineering projects. A full survey of the target area is usually necessary to determine its exact boundaries and to ensure that any buildings or other structures constructed there will be safe. Surveyors also work to provide the proper design and development of infrastructure, to protect the surrounding natural environment, and to maximize the efficiency of the proposed structures. Click on the red or blue buttons below for a more detailed description of the different survey types.

Austin and Houston Civil Engineering Surveyors

Civil engineering is an essential part of any city's infrastructure, especially in fast-growing metropolitan areas like Houston and Austin. In order for any civil engineering project to be as successful as possible, accurate and professional surveys are essential. Why? Because surveys are involved in many important aspects of civil engineering, including determining boundaries for public land, executing critical inspections, and much more.

Without proper surveys, the safety, security, and progress of civil engineering projects can be in jeopardy. Civil engineering surveys are extremely important in helping to protect the environment, ensure projects like roads and bridges are safe for the public, and that civil projects are completed as efficiently as possible.
No matter what project we're working on, Waterloo Surveyors' team takes the responsibility of executing a civil engineering survey seriously. Throughout our locations in Austin and Houston, we're dedicated to serving Texas public and civil projects with the highest attention to detail and professionalism.

What is Surveying?

Land surveys help to establish and outline the physical details of a piece of land as well as any features, improvements, additions, and property lines that are present. This information is important for many aspects of land ownership, whether in real estate transactions, processes involving changes to public land, and more.
An experienced land surveyor is a must for many commercial and residential projects, especially those regarding civil engineering.

What is a Civil Engineering Survey?

Civil engineering is a discipline that involves the construction or improvement of infrastructure that exists on top of the natural environment. Civil engineering is often associated with public projects, such as building or improving city infrastructure. For example, all of the following would fall under the category of civil engineering:

•    Roads
•    Pipelines
•    Bridges
•    Electrical Grids
•    Sewage Systems
•    Airports
•    Dams

In order to facilitate the construction or improvement of these projects, a civil engineer needs a professional surveyor to conduct surveys throughout different parts of the construction process. Civil engineering surveys help in various stages of a project by establishing boundaries, ensuring the safety of construction placement, and providing insight into the design and development of the project.

At the beginning of a project, a survey is used to determine the exact measurements, boundaries, and features of the land in order to plan the construction process. Throughout the project, civil engineering surveys can assist in inspections to ensure safety for all involved parties. In addition, surveys can help projects get approved by public officials and be helpful in legal negotiations regarding property.

Civil engineering and surveying are two different specialized fields, but they are closely linked, with the work of a surveyor being essential to that of a civil engineer.

Our Civil Engineering Services

Regardless of what civil engineering project your company is working on, Waterloo Surveyors' teams in Austin and Houston are ready to assist with a wide array of surveying services. Our crews are expertly trained, have ample experience in the field, and approach every project with professionalism. Waterloo Surveyors' commitment to accuracy, detail, and quality is unmatched. This is why we're one of Texas' top surveying firms for projects ranging from residential to civil engineering.
Complete with a wide range of technologies, a century of combined experience, and a well-respected reputation in our field, a civil engineering survey from Waterloo Surveyors ensures a safer and more streamlined project every time via our range of civil engineering offerings.

Boundary Surveys

Having access to accurate property information is essential for any project, but especially civil projects in which issues surrounding public and private property can be difficult to resolve. Boundary surveys from Waterloo Surveyors can help establish and affirm exact property lines, preventing any legal issues.

Topographic Surveys

As one of the most common surveys needed for civil engineering projects, topographic surveys outline the exact details of the land, including measurements, angles between important features or points, elevation details, natural features, and construction additions. Civil engineers can benefit from topography surveys from Waterloo Surveyors during many different parts of the construction process.

As-Built Surveys

Projects in civil engineering often do not come to an end as soon as construction is completed. Civil engineers often have to have as-built surveys conducted to ensure that the projected measurements of the finished project match with the actual measurements upon project completion. Throughout the life of a civil engineering project — be it a road, bridge, or pipeline — as-built surveys will likely need to be repeated to ensure the performance of the structure is as expected and that it continues to be safe for public use.

Drone Mapping

Drones can be extremely helpful tools throughout many aspects of construction, not the least of which includes surveys. Waterloo Surveyors offers drone mapping, a process that involves surveying the property with an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, to establish a detailed, accurate, bird's eye view of the site. Drones can also be helpful in civil engineering projects to help inspect high risk areas without risking the safety of personnel.

The civil engineering services listed above are only some of the many surveys that Waterloo Surveyors can provide. Our Austin and Houston teams are also experienced with:

•    Boundary Surveys
•    ALTA Surveys
•    Elevation Certificates
•    Topographic Surveys
•    Construction Staking
•    Form Surveys
•    Site Plans
•    Subdividing
•    PLAT Preparation
•    Fence Line Staking
•    Field Notes
•    Easement Dedication
•    DRONE Mapping

Waterloo Surveyors - Austin and Houston Civil Engineering Surveyors

When it comes to civil engineering projects, accuracy and professionalism are of the utmost importance. Waterloo Surveyors understands how essential precise and on-time surveys are to the civil engineering and construction processes. Our clients come to us because of our two decades of history working in the state of Texas as well as our team's combined experience of more than a century. We pride ourselves on our team's depth of knowledge and attention to detail.

We are confident in our ability to assist in any civil engineering project, regardless of how large or small. With offices strategically located throughout Austin and Houston, we are capable of meeting civil engineering clients wherever their projects take place.

With Waterloo Surveyors, civil engineers can trust that the job will be done correctly the first time, ensuring a smoother and more efficient project.