As part of the energy industry, Waterloo Surveyors, LLC. has established a reputation for innovation and reliable service on oil and gas projects across Texas as well as provided construction layout services nationwide.




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Austin and Houston Energy Surveyors

Waterloo Surveyors, a Texas original, has been in business for two decades. We understand the importance of the energy sector throughout the Lone Star State, and our surveyors have been integral in helping businesses throughout the oil and gas, wind, and solar industries complete their projects safely and on time.

We have established a solid reputation amongst private businesses and public service providers as the go-to surveying firm for reliable surveys for all types of energy projects throughout cities like Houston and Austin. We are equipped to handle survey needs in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors as well as wind and solar.

Regardless of what project our experienced teams are assisting with, Waterloo Surveyors takes our work seriously and prioritizes clients' needs and project timelines. Throughout Austin and Houston, we're strategically located to serve Texas' public and private energy projects with the utmost professionalism.

What is Surveying?

Surveying is a discipline through which experienced professionals detail the physical features, boundaries, and other aspects of a piece of property to help with projects like construction, improvements, and more. Surveys are an essential aspect of real estate, construction, and public works, such as energy management and production.

What is an Energy Survey?

Within the energy sector, there is a need for different types of surveys throughout various stages of projects within the wind, solar, and oil and gas fields. Surveys often help with everything from getting the right permit, to knowing where a well's location will be, to ensuring a safe project for all involved.

Surveys for oil and gas projects are different depending on whether the client works in the upstream, midstream, or downstream sector. For upstream clients that focus on exploration and production, survey services are often used for staking, assisting in permits for plats, and for mineral lease and units. For midstream clients that work on pipeline or transport and storage, surveys are used for landowner exhibits, alignment sheets, and to help create an outline for preliminary pipeline routes. Downstream clients that focus on refining and distribution often use surveys for construction layouts and preliminary sites. In addition, as-built surveys are helpful for downstream projects.

For any energy project, construction staking or layout services can be helpful in determining a project's size and scope. Regardless of which aspect of energy your business operates in, surveys are an essential and beneficial part of any project. They provide much-needed details about the land you're working with, help ensure your project is meeting local regulatory standards, and enable your business to operate with the highest level of accuracy.

Our Energy Survey Services

No matter what energy sector you operate in or what project you need assistance with, Waterloo Surveyors' crews throughout Austin and Houston are eager to help with our vast offerings of surveying services. We are renowned for our trained and experienced land surveyors and cater our services to the needs of our clients.

We offer services that can be helpful within all of the major sectors of energy, including:

Oil & Gas Upstream

•    Mineral Lease and Unit Surveys
•    Well Location Staking
•    Permit Plats

Oil & Gas Midstream

•    Preliminary Pipeline Routes
•    Landowner Exhibits
•    Alignment Sheets

Oil & Gas Downstream

•    Preliminary Site Surveys
•    Construction Layout
•    As-Built Surveys

In addition, Waterloo Surveyors can provide surveys for projects related to wind power and solar energy.
Our team is committed to providing accurate, detailed, and quality surveys that assist our energy clients with their most important projects. Our service offerings feature a range of technologies manned by a team with more than a century of combined experience. Some of the most popular surveys for energy segment clients include:

Boundary Surveys

No matter what project you're working on, an accurate property survey is essential. Energy industry projects especially must have accurate boundary information to avoid any issues between public and private property lines. Waterloo Surveyors offers accurate boundary surveys that can help prevent legal issues by outlining exact property lines,

Topographic Surveys

Whether you need to know the layout of land features for building wind turbines on a piece of property or you need to know the exact elevations for a pipeline route, topographic surveys are important surveys for energy projects. They include exact details of the land such as natural features, elevation levels, improvements, and more.

As-Built Surveys

Businesses that work within the energy sector, specifically oil and gas clients who work in the downstream segment, often have to have an as-built survey conducted to ensure successful project completion and structural performance over time. This is essential for safety and must be completed by an experienced surveyor like those at Waterloo Surveyors.

Construction Staking

Whether staking the location of a well, pipeline routes, or other important location for energy production, having an experienced surveyor assisting in construction staking is extremely helpful in ensuring a successful project. Staking is an essential part of the process to ensure the most time, money, and stress can be saved.

The above services are just a sampling of what Waterloo Surveyors offers. Our Austin and Houston teams are also experienced with:

•    Boundary Surveys
•    As-Built Surveys
•    Title Surveys
•    ALTA Surveys
•    Elevation Certificates
•    Topographic Surveys
•    Construction Staking
•    DRONE Mapping

Waterloo Surveyors - Energy Surveyors in Austin and Houston

For energy projects throughout the wind, solar, and oil and gas industries, having a partner in surveying that offers accurate, fairly priced, and professional services is extremely important. Having been a partner to Texas businesses for two decades, Waterloo Surveyors knows that you rely on precise and detailed surveys to ensure your energy projects go smoothly.

For twenty years, energy clients in Austin, Houston, and everywhere in between have come to Waterloo Surveyors for our extensive knowledge in our field and professional approach to service. We have proven ourselves to be a valued partner for oil and gas, wind, and solar energy businesses and plan to continue offering excellent surveying services throughout Texas via our Austin and Houston locations.

With Waterloo Surveyors, energy clients can trust that surveys will be completed quickly and accurately, ensuring the most efficient project possible.